What makes Kura good for you?

Kura is a complete source of protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own. Adults, on average, need 50 grams of protein, women requiring an average of 46 grams and men requiring an average of 56 grams per day and Kura can help meet this requirement. In addition, one serving of Kura contains 27% of your recommended Daily Value (DV) of protein, 7% of your carbohydrate DV, and 20% of your fiber needs while only providing 4% of the DV of fat. 

Kura’s formula is a blend of whey and casein, which provides extra benefits for the body. Whey helps repair muscles post-strength session and increases muscle strength and size when consumed within two hours of your workout. Whey also has been shown to support cardiovascular health and a healthy metabolism. Casein digests more slowly providing a steady release of essential proteins and amino acids, keeping you full and nourished longer.

Kura is also proud to be sourced from high quality dairy in New Zealand where cows are grass-fed and raised on non-GMO pasture. Grass-fed cows are healthier cows that produce milk with higher levels of omega-3s. By consuming what they are meant to consume, they live healthier lives (no need for hormones or antibiotics here!) and therefore produce a healthier product for human consumption.


Source: http://www.nsca.com/education/articles/whey-protein-vs-casein-protein-and-optimal-recovery/ with reference to several scientific studies

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