Can’t I get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients I need from food?

In an ideal world, we would receive all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and all other nutrients our bodies need to function from the food we consume. That said, in our modern world, we simply couldn’t guarantee it, even with a high quality, healthy organic diet.

The effects of modern day living have taken its toll in many ways. These are some of the reasons why food doesn’t give us everything we need. We live in a world where there is compromised soil with less nutrients and diversity than previous years, an increase in exposure to food and environmental toxins, an increase in chronic stress and decrease in restorative sleep, a reduced amount of time spent outside in natural environments, which contributes to a growing rate of vitamin D deficiencies in particular, an increase in the number of hours spent sitting, and a high dose of exposure to radiation from dependence on technology.

This reminds us that added minerals and vitamins could be necessary for optimal health. Minerals and vitamins in a carefully balanced product like Kura can help restore the body’s natural functions so that it can absorb as much as possible from the foods consumed and so that it can make up for missing nutrients we no longer receive from our earth’s soil.

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