Will Kura help me lose weight?

Kura, in conjunction with a sensible and balanced diet and an exercise routine, is an excellent tool to support weight-loss goals. In fact, studies show that a protein breakfast is a key component for weight-loss and maintenance. Specifically, the whey protein in Kura supports a healthy metabolism and the casein component of Kura digests slower, providing a slower release of essential proteins and amino acids. This keeps you full and nourished longer and helps curb sugar cravings. In addition, one serving of Kura gives you 14g or 27% of the U.S. adult recommended DV of protein and 140 calories. With such a serve, you’ll know you have given yourself a good dose of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients to support good health. We love starting our day with Kura for these reasons. 

Source: NBJ’s Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss Report 2007-2008. Nutrition Business Journal. Boulder CO. New Hope Natural Media, January 2008. As sited here: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/whey-vs-casein

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