Can I mix Kura with other ingredients?

Yes! We encourage it! While you can mix Kura powder with any liquid for a quick serving on the go, Kura is most popular as a smoothie starter. Into your blender or shaker bottle, you can add 1 serving a Kura, about 6-8 ounces of a liquid base like water, coconut water, nut milks such as almond milk, any mix of fruits and vegetables desired, plus any other delicious ingredients, depending on your taste preferences. In addition to our liquid base of choice, some of our favorite smoothie ingredients include (not all mixed together at once!) frozen fruit for the amazing consistency, leafy greens for the extra punch of nutrition, yogurts, nut butters, avocados, nuts and seeds.

When you add fruits or vegetables to the smoothie, we recommend drinking it right away, while it is at its freshest. As soon as you cut your fruits and vegetables, the oxidation and loss of vitamins begins. Fresh is best! Check out our blog for some amazing recipe recommendations. You’ll find you can keep them as simple or as complex as your heart desires.

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