Can I add Kura to recipes I bake?

Baking with Kura or heating the product in general is not recommended. Here’s why:

Whey protein will start to denature at 60 degrees Celsius, 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This means the protein chains will begin to break down. Our natural digestive process heats up the protein in our bodies once ingested and breaks the chains down into absorbable amino acids. We believe it’s best to leave this process to our bodies, rather than having it begin before we take our first bite or sip.

Kura is also made with 4 billion probiotics and these are heat sensitive. Heating Kura will therefore dramatically reduce or eliminate the number of probiotics present and available. For those who love adding Kura to coffee, it’s best to add it to iced coffee to minimize this effect.

For optimal benefit, use your Kura in smoothies and recipes that don’t require any heat.

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