What are some tips to improve my digestion and avoid indigestion?

It may be unexpected that one of the greatest ways to improve digestion has nothing to do with food itself. The most important tool is to eat in the calmest state possible, when your body is truly hungry. In a world based on convenience, we can get caught up in grabbing something on the go, eating take out over our computers, standing and moving while chewing, and eating as soon as we walk in the door before we have a chance to settle in and feel calm from a busy day. All of this is a recipe for discomfort and may cause indigestion. So first and foremost, set the table, light a candle, take your time, chew well, release any stress or worry from the day and enjoy each bite! Once that’s established, if you suffer from indigestion, try eliminating or limiting fried food, heavily processed foods, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, caffeine and processed sugar. Simplifying your diet will help your body do its job.

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